Bullimore Eventing are very pleased to work with the following companies:

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Westgate Laboratories is a family business.  Founded in 1999 Westgate has been leading the field in helping horse owners to manage the parasite control of their horses and other grazing animals. The laboratory offers a quick, easy to use, great value postal worm count service that enables carers and keepers to target the wormers given to horses and keep them as healthy as possible.
The tests are backed up by veterinary approved advice through friendly education and support from our inhouse vet and the Westgate team of qualified AMTRA (Animal Medicines Training Regulatory Authority) SQP’s (animal medicine advisors).  They support thousands of people in this way to manage the worm conrol of their horses and other grazing animals in line with advice from the British Equine Veterinary Association.



The Science Supplements range of products are the brainchild of Dr David Marlin, a scientist with 25 years of experience in the horse industry.  Science Supplements ethos is to only produce products with demonstrated efficacy that address real problems and which have been proven to work through laboratory, clinical and field trials.  Equally important to them are safety, quality, palatability and consistency.  They are also able to provide an unrivalled level of support on our product range because they believe in giving the right advice, for the right reasons, to get the best results for your horse, supported by respected industry scientists, veterinary practitioners and experts in equine exercise, physiology and nutrition.



The Emerald Green Feeds products are grown on family run farm, A Poucher & Sons in rural Lincolnshire, who have been growing and harvesting forage based crops since 1945 and is now on the fifth generation of the family.
The grass and alfalfa used in Emerald Green Feeds is grown locally to their main farm yard, allowing complete control and daily management of the growth and harvesting cycle.  As the grower and producer of Emerald Green Feeds they have full control of the whole process and can even tell you which field the grass or alfalfa came from, what day and time the bag or bale was packaged.



Equine R-Oil is a high quality, pure, natural, cold pressed rapeseed oil produced in the Cotswolds for the equine market.  Cold pressed rapeseed is known to be one of the healthiest oils on the market, low in saturated fats and with a unique balance of Omega’s 3,6 and 9 it offers a range of far reaching health benefits.
Through plant breeding, seed companies have been able to further develop rapeseed varieties in a quest to obtain a perfect vegetable oil profile as the most balanced oil for consumption. It is in working with Syngenta that we now specialise in the variety of rapeseed called NK Molten for the production of Equine R-Oil.



Horserail is a fencing system developed over the last 20 years to offer the highest standards of form, function, durability and most importantly safety.
Horserail is manufactured from a flexible polyethylene that is molecularly bonded to high tensile steel fencing wire. The result is a fence that is flexible enough install easily but rigid enough so as to eliminate the possibility of your horses becoming trapped or injured in the fence.
Horserail is an extremely versatile product that can be tailored to suit a variety of applications such as paddocks, lunging rings, gallops, arenas and horsewalkers.



Horseware started with a small team, in Dundalk, Ireland in 1985. After months of research and hand-stitching the prototype of the now iconic Rambo Original was born, setting the standard for modern rug design. Since then they have grown to become the world’s most trusted producer of horse rugs.
Today, the Rambo range is still made in the same town in Ireland under Tom McGuinness’ watchful eye, with the Company growing into a leading manufacturer of clothing for horses and riders. Their products never stop evolving, always seeking out untrodden paths, pushing boundaries and finding new challenges.



Charles Owen are committed to safety and saving lives.  They have the largest range of helmets independently certified to three international equestrian safety standards, offering a wider range of protection in an accident.  All of their safety helmets are subject to random and independent batch testing to ensure the highest level of protection is consistently met.
By investigating real accident situations and using cutting edge research, they are able to develop the greatest range of highly protective helmets and body protectors available to the equestrian world today.



Racesafe are specialist manufacturers of equestrian products, meeting the ever developing demands of the equestrian world for over 40 years.  To this day they continue be at the forefront of development to make the equestrian world safer.
Racesafe aims to bring a range of market leading products that are synonymous with safety, comfort and style. Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding riders, throughout the equestrian & racing world.  Utilising foremost developments to offer the latest European & BETA standards of protection at market leading weight & comfort levels.  Each body protector is designed with comfort and flexibility at the forefront.



SSG Gloves strike the perfect balance of sophistication and function. High-quality natural materials and luxuriously style make for a glove designed like no other. SSG Gloves is an innovative company that cherishes excellent design and quality. With years of glove engineering experience their gloves are designed with the horseman in mind.

Giving confidence and comfort in competition or when you’re just having fun, SSG can fill whatever equestrian need.  Providing the most complete equestrian glove line on the market today.



SupaStuds are easier, faster and safer to use than any other stud on the market.  Used by many of the top event riders in the country and have become the studs of choice for thousands of competitors at every level across the board in equestrian sport, from driving to polo, showing to show-jumping.

  • Completely self-cleaning – no need to tap (supastuds are not self-tapping studs, they do not ruin the thread in your stud holes! they are simply designed to clean the hole as they screw in, not to re-thread it.).
  • Specially hardened – tougher than tungsten.
  • Rust resistant.



BedKind is dust-extracted cardboard animal bedding, designed to improve the health and happiness of animals. The bedding makes a warm, comfortable bed, keeping your animals cool in summer and warm in winter, and dry all year around.
BedKind is made from new, premium, dust-extracted, corrugated cardboard, which means that your animals sleep in an environment virtually free from dust – so it’s perfect for horse trainers and stables. It’s also suitable for other animals, such as sheep, rabbits, poultry, and rodents. Our cardboard is recycled, clean, high quality, has never been printed on, and it’s 100% compostable, so it’s kind to the environment as well as your animals. BedKind is also easy to use, and cost-effective – the more you buy, the cheaper it is.

‘Give your horse the bedding it deserves.’